More Spanish Children Clothes

A few weeks ago I wrote a post, see here, where I introduced you to four Spanish Children Clothes Brands. This is  the second instalment where  you will discover some more Spanish Fashion.  I hope you enjoy reading it who knows you might be inspired to do some online shopping!



Neck & Neck are a Spanish leading company in the children’s clothing market, with  over 200 shops in around 17 countries. Stunning colour ranges combined with original prints, comfortable fabrics and exclusive styles make them one of the most successful Spanish children clothing companies.

Spanish Children Clothes - Neck & Neck


NECK & NECK offer everyday clothes together with accessories, especial occasion outfits and nightwear all of which of an excellent quality.

They are the only one of the three brands outlined here with a couple of shops in the UK (London)

I personally love the rich colours, lovely prints and how smart their clothes are.



Pili Carrera is a children’s luxury brand that is famous for dressing European Royal Families.  Their clothes are of exceptional quality, their designs are simple and delicate and they are very smart



The brand was founded in Spain in 1963 and they initially started manufacturing baby knitwear but they now offer a complete range, clothes ranging from newborn to 12 years old and nursery furniture.

They have over 50 shops in Spain and worldwide. In the UK you can find Pili Carrera in some online retailers.


Gocco was founded in 2000 and it now has over 200 shops in Spain, some franchise and some department store concessions, and around 25 others worldwide.  Their clothes range goes from newborn to 14 years and they also have a swimwear and accessories collection. Gocco is renowned for their good designs, quality and price.

Spanish Kids Clothes - Gocco

I personally love their bright colours and my boys have got some of their gorgeous  polo shirts that have stood the taste of time. If you are looking for original designs and good quality Gocco is the shop for you.

Have you heard about any of these brands before?  What do you think of these clothes?  Do you like Spanish kids clothes?

Bribing children

Bribing Children


As a parent I feel like I spend quite a lot of my time bribing my children just to get them to behave. I know it’s bad and I shouldn’t do it but surely I am not the only one?

These are some of the things I find myself saying in a regular basis

  • If you do a wee in the potty I will give you a smartie
  • If you do a poo in the potty I will give you 2 smarties
  • If you don’t have any accidents all day I will give you a Kinder egg
  • Ok, yes if your brother does a wee, poo or has no accidents you can also have smartie or a kinder egg (my eldest is an excellent negotiator)
  • If you are good all day you can have a chocolate coin
  • If you pose nicely for mummy’s pictures you can have a chocolate muffin
  • If you are good on the plane we will go to McDonald’s
  • If you are not good I will cancel your birthday party
  • If you are not good I will call Father Christmas and tell him not to bring you any presents (I use this September to December)

I also used to give my eldest something from a treat box just before bed according to how good he had been during the day. Luckily (or unluckily for him) he is not the best behaved child so he didn’t get a treat very often. I have stopped that now as I want him to realise he has to be good regardless.

Do you bribe your children on a regular basis? Please tell me I am not the only one!

The List

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