Nutella Cookies, a recipe for a rainy day

Have you ever tried baking with a child? It’s a bit like baking with an octopus, lot’s of hands licking the spatula, the bowl and pouring extra ingredients whenever you take your eyes off them for a second.

However stressful it is, baking it’s one of my favourite “rainy day” activities to do with my kids.  OK, not so much these days as they have discovered game consoles, but they still love baking with me from time to time.

Nutella cookies

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Halloween, Alice in Wonderland & loft update | My weekly round up

Another week has gone by and we are getting closer to the end of they year.  Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away?

Of course, the most exciting thing this week has been Halloween – love it or hate it, there is no escape! Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger in the UK. I love the community spirit around it though; it’s great to see the streets filled with kids and most of the houses decorated.

I’m also going into week 9 of my loft extension, fingers crossed we only have another 3 weeks to go. I’m sure the loft would be finished by now if the builders came every day! At this stage of the build they only seem to come round once or twice a week, so there isn’t much progress on a daily basis. The plastering was done last week and it all looks nice and smooth, the loft looks like a proper room now.

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Amara Interior Blog Awards & Halloween | My weekly round up

This week I attended the Amara Interior Blog Awards in the super stylish venue that is One Marylebone. I was nominated in the lifestyle category, but sadly I didn’t make the shortlist.  I still got to attend as a plus one to Vikkie from The carpenter’s daughter  -she actually won the DIY category. This is the second time I’ve attended one of their award ceremonies and they are pretty spectacular. Amara really know how to put a great party; everything from the venue, the food, the drinks and the host were truly amazing. The best thing about attending a blogging award party? You get to meet bloggers that you admire and have chatted to on social media for a while. This was the case for me with Rachel from The ordinary lovely and Jess from Jess Soothill. It really felt like I was meeting friends that I had known for a long time.

Weekly round up Amara

Weekly round up Amara

Weekly round up Amara

Images: Amara

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A new series: My weekly round up

Welcome to a new series on my blog, a weekly round up where I will give you a bit of an insight into my week, what I’ve been getting up to and hopefully you will get to know me a bit better.

At the moment we are getting into week 7 of a loft extension and after being without a roof for about 5 weeks things are finally moving and progressing pretty quickly. I knew having some building work would be stressful but didn’t realise it was going to be this stressful! I guess working full time and not being in the house during the day makes things more complicated.  You never know if the builders are around and you are not in to discuss any changes or issues. View Post

My 3 favourite foundations

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, I loved sitting out in the sun with no sun cream on, trying to get a tan and a bit of colour in my otherwise pale complexion. Fast forward 30 years and I’m now regretting all those times I didn’t use an SPF cream. Sunspots and pigmentation are something I’ve suffered with for a while, and there isn’t much I can do about it.  The need to cover these is one of the reasons why I wear more foundation these days than when I was younger.  I’m not a make up expert but I thought I’d share with you my 3 favourite foundations, which are very different, ranging from high end to high street.

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