I am quite short, so finding the right length trousers or maxi dresses is always a challenge. Things like jumpsuits are usually out of the question for the same reason unless they are from a petite range, and let’s face it, petite ranges out there are not great, are they? Fear not, from time to time I find something that fits, something that I wouldn’t usually even give a second look in the shops but it actually looks really good on, like this jumpsuit from Monsoon. When I first spotted it I thought I’d try it on as it didn’t look too long. And to my surprise it fits just right, sitting above my ankle as it’s three quarter length.


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I’m always keen to support Spanish brands and entrepreneurs. In the past I have brought you some of my favourite Spanish children clothes brands, here and here. More recently I introduced you to La Zebra, a small business by a Spanish mum living in the UK.

Pepa & Co is one of those brands that have been on my radar of a couple of years. I initially came across them online and I was drawn to their super cute range for kids with a very Spanish style. Very different to the clothes you can find in the UK. Lately Pepa & Co have had a lot of press coverage thanks to the young royals wearing their clothes and more recently for creating the pageboys and flower girls outfits for Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

I’ve had a chance to interview Pepa Gonzalez recently to find out a bit more about her brand.

Pepa & Co

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By the time you read this post I will be sunning myself in the Canary Islands. The UK has been having fantastic weather lately but nothing beats going on a “proper holiday”, sitting by the pool with a cold drink or just walking along the beach.

I don’t know you, but I always feel like I have nothing to wear to a beach holiday and I frantically check the shops or the internet for new bits a few weeks before I go away. Beach bags and bikinis are one of those things that I love getting every year. One of my favourite stores to buy anything holiday related is Oysho.


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I like to embrace  fashion trends, sometimes they are not for me, but other times they are right up my street. I’m not a huge fan of  big prints or florals but I am loving the current trend of embroidered tops that  are out there on the High Street at the moment.

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the boho style to follow this trend. There are so many choices in stores at the moment, not necessarily with bold and big prints but with small ones too.

Here are some of my favourite embroidered tops


Zara is  my go to place in the High Street. They always get the latest trends and recreate them at an affordable price. This is a gorgeous top combining embroidery and lace. With short bell sleeves it will be perfect for the summer months. I love the floaty, delicate style of it and it’s something I’d wear a lot when on holiday.



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Every season I like getting a couple of transitional pieces that will see me from spring into summer.  Summery pieces, but with long sleeves, or thicker materials that will still look good  and keep me warm at this time of the year.

I got this top in Next a couple of weeks ago and I am sure this will be one of those items I will be wearing quite a lot from now until summer.

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