A few of my favourite bags

Some people are shoe or coat obsessed, but for me it’s all about handbags. Not sure where my obsession comes from but ever since I can remember I’ve always been interested in bags. What is it with bags? I guess with clothes you always need to worry about them fitting or not fitting but there is never that problem with handbags.

Every year I tell myself I will not spend any more money on bags and instead will save up to treat myself to a designer bag -hello Gucci Soho disco and Chanel 2.55 – but I fail miserably every single time. I just can’t help myself. Whenever I go online to check my favourite shops I always steer towards the handbag section first. I can probably tell you all the bags Zara have on their site at the moment.  Yes, I’m that sad.

Handbags are can really add the perfect finising touches to any outfit and you don’t really need to spend the earth to get nice ones.

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The statement coat & over 40’s blogging

If anyone had told my teenage self that I’d be ditching black in favour of colour I’d never had believed it. Yes, it’s true, as a teenager growing up in the 80’s wearing black was the colour of choice. Fast forward many years and black has been abandoned in favour of colour. Reds, blues and greens are usually my colours of choice and I’m very rarely seen in black these days.

Statement coat & over 40's blogging

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The best of the Black Friday Sales

I must confess that until a couple of years ago I’ve never heard of Black Friday. But the UK has quickly caught up with the US and more and more stores are doing offers, not just for the Friday but for the whole week. Black Friday is the perfect time to grab a bargain in time for Christmas.

I’ve put a list together of all the best offers out there at the moment. It will be handy to have them all in one place in case you  want to start your Christmas shopping early or treat yourself.


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The budget £25 coat

I believe there are certain wardrobe staples that are worth investing in. Good quality, classic cut and styles that will stand the test of time and that you will wear again and again. However I also love a bargain, who doesn’t? I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this coat in Primark a couple of weeks ago. A winter coat for £25? Oh yes, I will have one, thanks. Not only had it an impressive price tag but it’s also in my favourite colour, red.


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Transitioning into autumn with a biker jacket

This is a funny time of the year isn’t it? Not warm enough to leave the house without a jacket but not cold enough to wear a coat. The same applies to shoes -sandals in October anyone? Too cold for them.  However it’s not cold enough to wear boots, especially if you are like me and your feet get hot too quickly. So yes, deciding what to wear at the moment is not an easy task.



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