I don’t know your children but mine need constant entertainment, we can never have a quiet weekend, we always have to do something, we are always on the go.  This is great in the summer or in spring but not as great in winter when all you want is a quiet weekend in.

Saturday was freezing but we thought we’d go to farm near us that has a few small animals, a soft play and a big playground. The boys were not 100% well, they both had colds but they still wanted to spend most of the time in the playground.

Weekend in pictures

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I  find it hard to believe that 2015 is over and we are already in the first week of 2016.

These below are a few of my favourite pictures of 2015, they might not be the best ones, they might be a bit blurred or not well composes but I just love them. I love that each one of them takes me back to some of the good times we had last year; a day on the beach, a sunny day out, my baby smiling, or a Christmas present.

2015 Favourites
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On New Year’s Day we decided to spend the day in Broadstairs.

Broadstairs is a favourite of ours, especially in the summer, but we did not realise how cold it was going to be on the 1st January. It was an absolutely freezing day but we still enjoyed walking along the beach.Love how colourful these beach huts are and how much colour they add to a gloomy day.

My Sunday Photo

Broadstairs New Years Day