Christmas Gift Guide: Newborn & Babies

Let’s face it, babies do not need any Christmas presents, it’s us the adults that love buying something for the youngest members of the family. Their first Christmas is always a very special time, so here are a few ideas in case you are still looking for presents.

Christmas Gift Guide 2015        1. Personalised Santa Keys  | 2. Gruffalo Touch & Feel Book  |  3. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo  |  4. Fabric Printed Storage Sack |  5.  Slumberland CD | 6. Animal Skittles   | 7. Personalised Baby Keepsake Building Blocks

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Pumpkin Carving at Waddesdon Manor

Apparently Halloween is now bigger than Christmas in the States, can you believe it?

It certainly seems to be getting bigger in the UK with more and more people decorating their houses and kids dressing up. There are now lot’s of places offering pumpkin carving and even pumpkin picking.

As I mentioned before on this blog Waddesdon Manor is one of our favourite places for a family get together. We usually visit a couple of times a year and we love it there, as there is always something going on. The kids love the woodlands playground and we enjoy having lunch in their lovely cafe and walking around their grounds.

Waddesdon Manor


Waddesdon Manor

Last weekend of course it was all Halloween related.

The kids were very excited at the prospect of pumpkin carving and luckily for all of us the weather was unusually mild for this time of the year. It was perfect to sit around outdoors and watch the kids give it a go.

Waddesdon Manor Pumpkin Carving

Waddesdon Pumpkin Carving


With our pumpkin we were given a little sheet with different ideas or styles to copy or to use as inspiration.  The kids loved it and they were keen to try it although a lot of adult supervision was required. A three year old handling a knife is not really a good idea..!


Waddesdon Manor Pumpkin Carving

Waddesdon Manor Pumpkin Carving


The boys were very proud of their finished creations.

I really recommend a visit to Waddesdon Manor, not just at Halloween but at any time of the year.  There are always fun activities going on and it’s a beautiful place to spend the day. Just a bit of warning, Halloween is quite popular event there and they run out of pumpkins quite quickly, so if you want to do some carving you need to get there early!.


Did you do anything special for Halloween?  What do you think about Halloween being so popular? Is it something you celebrate too?


Kids Fashion | Double Denim

I always think of double denim as a bit 80’s, up there with the shoulder pads and the big hair, but somehow it seems to be back in fashion again.



The other day I bought a gorgeous denim shirt in GAP. I thought it would ideal for my youngest, and then I realised the best way to wear would be with more denim.



Double Denim

When it comes to double denim I think the best way is to combine light with dark colours so dark blue jeans are the perfect match for this shirt.

I really like this look ,the shirt is a tiny bit loose and looks great with skinny jeans. The sleeves can be rolled up and as it’s a bit thick it could be worn in the summer as a jacket or with a t-shirt underneath.

The buttons are press studs and they give it a very grown up look.

Double Denim


What do you think of the double denim look? Do you like it?





My Sunday Photo 11.10.15






Twinning seems to be on trend these days with some brands offering matching mummy / children clothes. This has always been popular in Spain especially with matching sibling’s outfits, something you don’t see that much here in the UK.


I am personally not too much into it and my children don’t really like it but the other day we thought it’d be fun if they wore the same clothes and they actually had good fun.



I think twinning looks good from time to time but it’s something we would not do on a regular basis. I don’t think the boys would like to wear the same clothes, all the time, especially as they both have their own fashion taste.

The boys are wearing H&M t-shirts & Next trousers

What do you think?  Do you dress your children in matching clothes?

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