Transitioning into autumn with a biker jacket

This is a funny time of the year isn’t it? Not warm enough to leave the house without a jacket but not cold enough to wear a coat. The same applies to shoes -sandals in October anyone? Too cold for them.  However it’s not cold enough to wear boots, especially if you are like me and your feet get hot too quickly. So yes, deciding what to wear at the moment is not an easy task.



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The jumpsuit, my new favourite summer item

I am quite short, so finding the right length trousers or maxi dresses is always a challenge. Things like jumpsuits are usually out of the question for the same reason unless they are from a petite range, and let’s face it, petite ranges out there are not great, are they? Fear not, from time to time I find something that fits, something that I wouldn’t usually even give a second look in the shops but it actually looks really good on, like this jumpsuit from Monsoon. When I first spotted it I thought I’d try it on as it didn’t look too long. And to my surprise it fits just right, sitting above my ankle as it’s three quarter length.


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The best embroidered tops

I like to embrace  fashion trends, sometimes they are not for me, but other times they are right up my street. I’m not a huge fan of  big prints or florals but I am loving the current trend of embroidered tops that  are out there on the High Street at the moment.

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the boho style to follow this trend. There are so many choices in stores at the moment, not necessarily with bold and big prints but with small ones too.

Here are some of my favourite embroidered tops


Zara is  my go to place in the High Street. They always get the latest trends and recreate them at an affordable price. This is a gorgeous top combining embroidery and lace. With short bell sleeves it will be perfect for the summer months. I love the floaty, delicate style of it and it’s something I’d wear a lot when on holiday.



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La Zebra, fun clothes for children and mums

As a mother of two young children I´m always interested in discovering new clothing brands. I must say, I find it a bit difficult to find boy´s clothes that are not boring.  I can´t understand why boy´s clothes can not be colourful and fun, just like girls clothes are. This is one of the reasons why I was really excited when I first came across La Zebra ,  they have cute, original clothes perfect for young kids and mums.


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Where to get the best petite jeans

Let me tell you something about me, not only I am short, but my legs are disproportionately short compared to the rest of my body. Yes, it’s true. Buying trousers is always a bit of a mission and even petite ranges are sometimes a bit too long for me.

I’ve recently been on the search for a new pair of jeans and this has made me realize how it’s not always easy if you are petite. After trawling lot’s of shops and trying different styles and brands, I finally got the perfect pair in Marks & Spencer, one place I didn’t even realize did short length jeans.

Here are some of my favourite places to buy petite jeans:


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