Twinning seems to be on trend these days with some brands offering matching mummy / children clothes. This has always been popular in Spain especially with matching sibling’s outfits, something you don’t see that much here in the UK.


I am personally not too much into it and my children don’t really like it but the other day we thought it’d be fun if they wore the same clothes and they actually had good fun.



I think twinning looks good from time to time but it’s something we would not do on a regular basis. I don’t think the boys would like to wear the same clothes, all the time, especially as they both have their own fashion taste.

The boys are wearing H&M t-shirts & Next trousers

What do you think?  Do you dress your children in matching clothes?

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I read quite a lot of parenting and photography blogs and I am always a bit envious when I see children posing and smiling for the cameras. I truly don’t know how people do it, I have tried bribing mine but it doesn’t work.

Taking nice pictures of my two, especially if they are together is nearly impossible. I have found that the key is to try and photograph them without them noticing otherwise I get funny faces like the ones below

This week I am linking with Brummy Mummy of two for #wickedwednesdays with these pictures I took at the weekend.

Boys not posing

Boys not posing2